British Nostalgic
Past Times and Places

British Nostalgic Paintings – About Artist Sandra Ford

Artist Sandra Ford is from Liverpool, England and now lives in Florida. Having always loved to draw and paint, Sandra is now retired and has plenty of time to focus on her Art. She particularly enjoys painting British Nostalgic scenes recalling her many fond memories of growing up in Liverpool. Sandra also paints other subjects, and can do commissioned work tailored to your ideas and memories, but most people seem to enjoy her paintings of the nostalgic scenes.

Please visit the gallery page of our website to view paintings that are available for sale. If you like a painting in the gallery that may have been sold already, Sandra can paint you another similar painting. As mentioned before, she can also do a commissioned painting that reflects your ideas and memories.

For more information about Sandra Ford or her paintings please contact us by email at  Thank you for your interest and please enjoy the paintings in our gallery.